The mains territory of the Tuscany : countryside and sea. InTuscany, countryside and sea are the places in which you can find all about this wonderful region: history, culture, traditions and lifestyle; you can discover all these aspects traveling trough the different landscape and fell on your own skin the sensations that here are living from years and years.
In Tuscany, countryside and sea are developed but in the right measures, and there you will find all the structures that you need to spend great moments in this beautiful land, for example on the sea you can find the « Hotel Marinetta ».
Different are the receptive structures that you can find inTuscany on countryside and sea; you have on hand different types, that depending on what you are looking for; many are the hotels in which you can also find wellness treatments, that starting from a bed & breakfast to a five stars hotel, but if you have to organize a party you have on hand villas or ancient restructured dwellings.. there in Tuscany on countryside and sea you have a great possibility to choose what you need and how do you want it, always basing on the best way to satisfy your own need.