Sea vacation: Tuscany coast. This is the first answer that you have to think when you are thinking on where to go on holiday, because the region of Tuscany is one of the more interesting one to visit, also for the foreign people that decide to have aSea vacation in Italy. Tuscany is rich of culture, traditions, wonderful landscapes and there you have the possibility to practice many kind of sports, starting from the water sports to the mountain bike one. This region offers many kind of structures all around the territory, but if you want to have a Sea vacation on Tuscany coast you might book at the « Hotel Marinetta »; this hotel offers different types of accommodations and is equipped to receive meetings and conventions, and have a big green area with a play area for children.
Have a Sea vacation on Tuscany coast means have a really relaxing one, thanks to the different type of structures, inside of everyone there are different services that will complete your holiday, especially for people that comes from abroad, this will be a really good reason to have a Sea vacation in Italy; in fact inside of the structures, obviously it depends on the type, the guests can find wellness treatments, saunas, massages, to purify your skin and invigorate your body. Many are also the last-minute offers or promotions that are made to come to meet the needs of everyone, that includes some services and particular treatments; inside of the structures you can also find some conventions with different structures, for example a golf court, to give to the guests a complete service and holiday.

Have a Sea vacation in Italy means also that you have the possibility to discover all the traditions that this beautiful land have inside of it: all that comes from the past has given an enormous cultural patrimony that you can discover through museums, walking, galleries pictures, castles, medieval villages, ancient dwellings, culture, literature and also through the typical cuisine of the lands; wonderful are also all the landscapes that are on all Italy, that are all to discover. There are not only Sea vacation on Tuscany coast, or generally have a Sea vacation in Italy because here you have also the possibility to organize conventions and meetings inside of the receiving structures, thanks to the way in which the structures are organized and equipped.
All around the receiving structures, that are from different types, for example hotels, holiday farms, bed & breakfast.., you will find a great number of services to complete your holiday or only to enjoy your self: cinemas, museums, bars, restaurants, different kind of shops, excursions, water sports schools, trekking and many others that you can also find inside the hotel them self; obviously it depends on the structure.