Hotels at the seaside with familyrooms is not a problem in Tuscany. Here there are many opportunities for those who have a numerous family, because the number of rooms in which there are four or more beds is quite elevated. The rooms are studied to be comfortable and at the same moment they are equipped to satisfy the requirements and the needs of everyone. The place in which the Hotels at the seaside with familyrooms are situated are the wonderful seaside of Tuscany; here the environment is really beautiful and relaxing, and many are the events that are organized during the summer to enjoy people who came here to spend their holidays. The hosts can find all that they need to spend the different parts of the day: shops, entertainment, restaurants, bar, cinemas, walks on the beach at night, under the stars. here in Tuscany you can enjoy yourself in the best way that you want.
In the neighbouring areas of the Familyhotels at the seasideyou can find all the services that you need: banking service, mail service, pharmacy, medical outpatients’ departments and so on. Thanks to all these services you can only stay relaxed.. There are not only these, because here you will find many services in and outside the Familyhotels at the seaside for children: for example a play area, a swimming pool and also a private beach are on hand to the hosts. Do not forget the green areas, in which you can have a quite and relaxing walk and where you and your children can breathe to full lungs the air that comes directly from the threes; or if you prefer you can go to the beach to have a bath or you can get tan with yourself while the children are playing with the sand.

In the neightbouring areas of the Familyhotels at the seaside, people have the possibility to practice more kind of sports, that can be done on the crystal-clear water of the sea, or on the beach, for those you have on hand 100 km of coasts, and in the areas predisposed to this; teachers are fully qualified to do their own activity and following their lessons you will improve your knowledge of that kind of sport and became more and more good on practice it. Here at the Hotels at the seaside with family rooms you will certainly meet many others people with whom you can have funny moments, create a good friendship and discover new places with some walks in the closer areas, or if you prefer you can maintain your own privacy.
Hotels at the seaside with familyrooms are easily to catch up, located on a long section of the Etruscan Coast; near speedways and highways from and towards every important towns of North and Middle Italy; the centre of the city is not so far from the Family hotels at the seaside: this gives to the hosts the possibility to reach it very easily; this means also that hosts have the opportunity to visit the architectonic beauties, the medieval villages, discover the history of the origin earth of the Rinascimento period, breathe the ancient air that flutters through the streets.. The landscape around Family hotels at the seaside offers an astonishing variety of unique botanic oasis, Mediterranean « macchia », natural reserves, woods with water springs and dense pinewoods. The Tuscan countryside begins at the seaside and extends along the famous vine road with its renowned vines as well as amongst silver shimmering olive trees. Thanks to its mild climate and its strategic geographical position the Etruscan coast is the ideal place for your holiday. The wind which in this area blows above theFamily hotels at the seaside all in the morning, is one of the most important elements: it influences the vegetation and the morphology of the coast. There are many different types of winds: from October to February we have got the Western wind which blows above all in the afternoon, while the « Libeccio » with its destructive influence on the coast is the prevailing south-west wind.
The wide strip of pinewoods, interrupted only by the fort built by the French in theeighteenth century, defines the boundaries of the four kilometers of town beaches. Worthy of note is the unusual size of the dunes. The residential area of Marina occupies less than one fourth of the adjacent countryside which is still cultivated today. Much of the landscape is more or less similar to what was passed on to the inhabitants at the time of the drainage of the land. But the pine trees, at the peak of their productive cycle, require consideration and care. The town of Bibbona is now planning to plant more trees to form another strip of pinewoods.
This are only some of the things that you can find visiting Tuscany starting from Familyhotels at the seaside..because this region has more and more things to discover: for example the beautiful landscapes that are in the neighbouring areas, the yielded taste of the wines that here are produced following the ancients methods, the savoury dishes that are prepared with the natural products of the earth: meat, vegetables, cheeses.. with all these ingredients the dishes that are prepared can be only all to taste.. Rent a room at a Hotel at the seaside with family rooms gives to the hosts this and many others wonderful opportunities to have a relaxing, satisfying and instructive holiday in Tuscany.