There are hotel in Tuscany with cuisine for celiacs, that gives to those people the opportunity to do not renounce to the holiday for this reason. In fact for this reason, people who are allergic to the gluten, that is part of the most popular food like pasta, bread, and all the food that contain flour that comes from grain, spelt, rye, barley, and there are a lot of them, generally renounce to go on holiday.
There are also hotel in Tuscany with vegetarian cuisine, which previews to do not eat meal, every kind of it. There are some vegetarians that eat however eggs and fish, and ones that do not eat these food; maybe depends on the idea that that people have on the definition of being a vegetarian. Both of those kind of people can book in a hotel with Tuscany cuisine, like for example the « Hotel Marienetta » one, because they have recognize that these are new ways of eating, that depending on the needs of the people but are in any case different ways to eat, and they have modernized the way to cook.
Many hotel in Tuscany with cuisine for celiacs and hotel in Tuscany with vegetarian cuisine have organized them self to make forehead to the needs of those people; there are different ways in which these needs are satisfied, for example with a separated menu or with food, contained in the principal menu, that are prepared only for them. The way obviously depend on the decisions of the direction of the structure.

The hotel with Tuscany cuisine have a particular attention to find the best way to give the same flavour also to the food for celiacs people and offer to the vegetarian ones a great amount of choice on the dishes that they can eat, prepared with food that they can eat. Before a large development of celiacs and vegetarian people, the hotel with Tuscany cuisine they had not taken in consideration the needs of those people who, for needs or for an own idea, may not eat some kind of products. But in the last years these two phenomena they have had a big and diffused development, so the hotels began to adopt and introduce into theire cuisine these those new way of cooking, and the Hotel in Tuscany with vegeterian cuisine and hotel in Tuscany with cuisine for celiacs began to be always more, and nowadays it is not so difficult to find these kind of structures in Tuscany.
Maybe there are some hotel in Tuscany with vegetarian cuisine and hotel with cuisine for celiacs that have inside of them only that type of cuisine, to meet to the needs of these people; thanks to this kind of service, they can not renounce to their holiday; maybe they have always thought that there were no places in which this kind of cooking is taken into consideration and they had to renounce to go on holiday; fortunately the way of thinking is change, and there are hotels in which these needs are observed, in order to satisfy the needs of these people. Obviously to have goods results on these particulars ways of cooking, the structures needs chefs that knows how to cook as well the food to have particulars and really goods dishes, maybe transforming the Tuscany cuisine into the needs of these people.
Thanks to the great cleverness of the chefs, the dishes that are created for these people are extremely good and particular, without renouncing to the savour. Many are the recipes that nowadays are on hand to these people to satisfy their needs, and they are always more closer to the savour of the traditional way of cooking; so there can be no difference, and also people who have not these needs, might eat these food without to notice some different.