Tourism on the sea: Tuscany. This is the answer if you do not know where to go on holiday. Tuscany sea tourism is really developed thanks to the beautiful landscape that has been given from the nature to this territory; in fact many are the opportunities that thanks to the morphology of the land man can do here: water sports, riding horses, jogging, footing, excursions, mountain bike and so on. These are all things that you can do all around the locations of the Tuscany sea, vacation that will leave unforgettable feelings inside of you. If you want to come in Tuscany to have a Tuscany sea vacation, you can decide through thousand of opportunities, because there are many different types of accommodation to consider; for example you can book only for bed & breakfast, or for half or full board; these depends on which are your needs. One of the structures that gives these services is the “Hotel Marinetta”, located in the province of Livorno in Marina di Bibbona, an helmet of the town Bibbona.
The Tourism sea Tuscany has been developed also thanks to the cleave ness, the kindness, the professionally and the skill ness of the staff, that is always on hand of the guests; these factors, joined together with the beauty of the landscapes, are the reasons that involved people to come here on holiday. People who come here, after have had an holiday here, discover inside of them a sort of magnet to these lands, that brings them to return in the years. The Tourism sea Tuscany is based on a great variety of structures between to choose, thanks to the variety of the territory; here you can find hotels from one to five stars, bed & breakfast, wellness centers, spas, holiday farms.. and thanks to all these structures you might find always new worlds inside and all over of them.

The Tuscany sea tourism means not only stay on the beach for the all day, because here in Tuscany you have really a lot of things to visit; there are medieval villages, museums, ancient dwellings, castles.. here you can breathe the ancient wind that blew when the Italian culture and literature was developing inside of these lands.. feel the same atmosphere is a gift that only these territories may give you.. There is not only theTourism sea in Tuscany: these territories are also full of culinary art, based on the wonderful flavour of the dishes and the famous wines, that are produced here, blinded together with them; these two components together make a special union in which both flavours are exalted from one to the another, leaving to you a wonderful sensation.
The traditional dishes and the wines are produced in the traditional way that passed from the hands of the parents to the ones of the children.. and the original flavour remain always the same.. In Tuscany, sea tourism is not the only kind of it; in fact here also the congress tourism has been developed; following the needs of this kind of tourism, many structures have equipped rooms to receive a certain number of people who need a place in which have a meeting, a convention, a demonstration.. the rooms are available behind a reservation, the conditions and the prices are different from a structure to another because depends also on the technologies that there are inside of the room. After the convention there are structure that prepare a buffet or a cocktail party. Here in Tuscany is not difficult to find weddings launches or cocktails parties, because thanks to the wonderful locations that are all around the region, many are the couples that decide to have here theyre cocktail parties; the different kind of receiving structures are organized also in this way, and this is another fact that demonstrate that there are not only Tuscany sea vacation.