Hotel with swimming pools in Marina di Bibbona

Swimming Pools

Relaxation for adults, fun and games for children

At the Park Hotel Marinetta we are ready to satisfy everyone. Both adults and kids. We have generous space in our park. Our restaurants are well known. Our beach is beautiful.

Even our swimming pools are separate. If you are on vacation with your family, the Funny Pools await you. If, instead, you are on vacation with your partner, you can enjoy the sun and the coastal area’s fresh air in the Relax Pools reserved for adults.

Funny Pools – Swimming pool Heated at 28°

Children can enjoy themselves as they wish in the Funny Pools, located in the park in front of the hotel and far from the adults pool.

In the 8×8 children’s pool, kids can play in total safety because the increases in depth without ever becoming too deep. In the 20×10 pool instead, the kids can swim as if they were in a pool for adults. The beauty of this pool is that your children can play even when the weather has changed. From April to the middle of June and from the middle of September to October, the water is warmed to 28°C.

At the Funny Pool Bar, for a casual dining or a quick and tasty snack, the new Granace, Grano & Brace waits for you.

At lunch, many specialties of national and international cuisine including tacos, sandwiches, pizza, first courses and delicious salads. At dinner a completely renewed experience of Tuscan tradition and innovation, with a selection of grilled cuts of meat and exclusive tasting courses, but also tasty first courses and greedy desserts. Here in Tuscany wine is a serious matter, our cellar includes the best local, national and international labels.

Relax Pool

If you love tranquility and the joy of doing nothing, spend a day in our Relax Pools, immersed in the garden of the hotel—just a short distance from our private beach. The two pools, 24×10 and 4×4, are filled with fresh water, and, above all, they are reserved exclusively for adults. Grownups are guaranteed the maximum peace and quiet. Enjoy the silence of the pine forest. Smell the Mediterranean fragrances. Feel the sea breezes caress your body. No one will disturb you.

Water Gymnastics & Muscle Awakening

In July and August, in the early morning, at the Funny Pools, we offer complimentary water gymnastic lessons. This is a truly effective way for you to keep fit without tiring yourself too much. You can relax your muscles. Eliminate tension. In the hotel’s pine forest you can also participate in muscle awakening gatherings. Start your day fit and content with yourself.

In our swimming pools, the use of swimming caps is mandatory as per current legislation.