Spa on the Tuscan coast

Marinetta Wellness Spa

Among pouring waters and exclusive rituals

Park Hotel Marinetta features the brand new Marinetta Wellness Spa, also open to the public, surrounded by the beautiful garden of the property. Enjoy a luxurious day of wellness: this is the right place.

You can spend a few hours relaxing by taking a series of wellness treatments. There is a heated hydromassage pool, biosauna and the calidarium. Or, if you prefer put your trust in our professionals, they can give you an unwinding massage or a beauty treatment that will return that radiant glow to your face.

Wellness treatment series

  • Swimming pool: pamper yourself with squirts of water from the 4-way hydromassage of the heated swimming pool in the center of the Spa. There is a massage for your arches, one for your lumbar region, blades of water that relieve cervical and shoulder pain, underwater couches and water jets.
  • Biosauna: try our soft regenerative biosauna that never reaches too high temperature. It is capable of delicately treating your body without creating stress for your cardio-vascular system.
  • Calidarium: in this hot bath your skin releases harmful liquids from your body and gives back that oxygen needed for you to feel in fit. You will find your perfect equilibrium.
  • Tepidarium: a humid cabin that reaches 50°C and enables you to regain energy.
  • Cromo-aromatic shower: enjoy a multi-sensorial experience made of colors that positively influence your humor. Smell the light fragrances that invigorate your spirit.

Beauty treatments

  • Massages: our massages resemble little magic spells rather than just a simple body treatment. Give yourself a delightful massage or a light treatment to strengthen both your body and mind.
  • Beauty treatments: there is an infinite choice of beauty treatments for you to rediscover the elasticity of your skin. You can reawaken your body’s energy. Combat your body’s signs of the times. We use commercial products whose cost is very fair. We offer gold dust and sophisticated cosmetic products that are updated continually.
  • Aesthetic treatments: in our Spa you can ask for whatever treatment you prefer. Manicures and pedicures. Depilatory treatments. Make-up and much more.

The Marinetta Wellness Spa is open from March, 30th to October. Mondays-Fridays 3pm-7.30pm. Saturdays-Sundays 11am-7.30pm whether for hotel guests or members of the public. In winter the center is open only during holidays and, from January on, only on Saturdays and Sundays 10am-7pm. Access to families with kids (3 – 12 years) is granted only during the morning from 8.30am till 10.00am. We recommend to book in advance.