If you want to have a relax vacation at the seaside, here in Tuscany you have a lot of opportunity between to choose. For example a really good relax vacation at the seaside you can find at the “Hotel Marinetta”, collocated in the province of Livorno; in this hotel you can really enjoy your self and at the same time have a really relaxing holiday.
To have a relax vacation at the seaside you can choose between many opportunities, because for example you can decide to book in a wellness center or in a spa, rather than in a bed & breakfast or in a farm holidays.. all of them will give you a really good accommodations and services, blind together with the wonderful Tuscany cuisine and hers unforgettable wines, produced with the ancient methods that is handed on trough the years from father to son.
A relax vacation at the seaside means also that you can discover trough excursions the beautiful landscapes that is all around the location in which you are, because Tuscany is a region that offers many things to see, with or without a specialized tourist guide; in this way there are some structures that porpose to their guests some excursions, also with bicycles and helmets.