Marina di Bibbona and its outskirts

Intact beaches and medieval villages

Marina di Bibbona is at the center of the Costa degli Etruschi, a long stretch of Tuscan coast that extends from Livorno to Piombino. A long expanse of uncontaminated beaches, protected oases, Mediterranean nature and medieval cities and villages.

If you are looking to relax and find nature, you will find it here. Very few other destinations in Tuscany will offer you such fantastic scenery. If, instead, you are seeking culture, sporting activities and itineraries off the beaten track, this is the place to be. You will be shocked by the sights you see and the routes you can follow on your exquisite vacation at Marina di Bibbona.

Heated Swimming Pool

For an off-season bath, from April to mid-June and from mid September to October, the water of the Funny Pool (20 x 10 mt) is heated to 28 degrees. Free access.

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For pasta meals, pizza, sandwiches and salads, fast food, snacks, ice cream or a cocktail, there are two hotel bars: the Cafè del Mare, close to the beach and the other at the side of the Funny Pool.

Granace – Grano & Brace

At the Funny Pool Bar, for a casual dining or a quick and tasty snack, the new Granace – Grano & Brace waits for you: a selection of tuscan Chianina meat gourmet burgers to savor in the shade of the pinewood by the Funny Pool.

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Day Spa a Marina di Bibbona

Day Spa a Marina di Bibbona

Fatti coccolare nel centro benessere Marinetta Wellness

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The Tuscan Archipelago

From Piombino or from Livorno, take a ferry boat to reach the world-famous Isola d’Elba. This is the largest of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. A magnificent beach colored with Caribbean tonalities. There are sea depths that have a unique beauty. You can follow trekking pathways immersed in Mediterranean splendor. There are excursions in […]

The Wine & Olive Oil Way

The Costa degli Etruschi is known not only for its natural and cultural beauty. It is famous also for its extraordinarily abundant food-and-wine delights. Follow the route in search of the Terratico DOC of Bibbona. There are the wines of Montescudaio and the prestigious Sassicaia di Bolgheri. Accompanied by the wines of the coast, you […]

The Macchia della Magona

A few kilometers from Marina di Bibbona you will find the Macchia della Magona. This is a biogenetic oasis among the most beautiful in all of Italy. It contains 1600 hectares of uncontaminated territory. Here you can go along 50 kilometers of itineraries perfect for trekking, mountain bikes and horseback riding. With your kids you […]


You just must fall in love with Bolgheri! It is fixed on a panoramic hillside and can be reached going along that famous thoroughfare of “high and genuine” cypresses that Carducci mentioned in his Davanti a San Guido poem. What is fascinating about this little agglomerate constructed with homes of stone is that it is […]

Castagneto Carducci

This delightful small village dates back to 1000 AD. It is famous for its extraordinary postcard-like sights. The Italian poet, Giosuè Carducci, resided in the village. The paved alleyways and the natural terraces face a breathtaking view of the countryside. Modest crafts shops sell traditional goods. The restaurants serve Tuscan excellence from the land and […]


Marina di Bibbona and the beaches in its vicinity—such as San Vincenzo, Vada and Cecina—for their exceptional beauty, have been awarded the Bandiera Blu of the European Union and the blue ribbon of the Italian Legambiente. Here the beaches are sandy and they slope gradually into the crystal-clear sea. The area is surrounded by thick […]