One of the hotel on Livorno coast is “Hotel Marinetta”, that is also one of the hotel for ceremonies in Livorno. There are many hotels on Livorno coast, that are divided into categories, that goes from one to five stars; inside of them guests can find many kind of services, like for example the buffet or the traditional breakfast, half or fullboard reservation, play areas, wellness treatments, private beaches and so on; do not forget the hotels in south of Livorno, which are at the same level of the others; all around the hotels on Livorno coast there are wonderful landscapes to discover.
The hotel for ceremonies in Livorno are a really good location in which organize events like cocktails parties for weddings, meetings, conventions, conferences; the wide, elegant and equipped restaurants rooms are really comfortable and the staff is always on hand of the guests. The rooms that are prepared to receive this types of events are equipped with an extreme attention on the collocation of tables, chairs, tables from service for the staff and the other things that are part of the general decoration and preparation of the rooms.

The hotels in south of Livorno are a really beautiful and relaxing point of meeting, in which meet your friend and have really relaxing and beautiful holidays on this territory that is all to discover, thanks to the natural products and the delicious wines; both comes from the hearth, produced with the traditional way that is passed trough the years from the hands to the fathers from the ones of the children.. and thanks to this way of working, the flavour of the products is always the same. This is a tradition that guests can find all over the region of Tuscany, because these are characteristics that are own of this people. Book in a hotel on Livorno coast, like in hotels in south of Livorno or in a hotel for ceremonies in Livorno, means that you have on hand all the professionally of the staff, that will receive you with the best attention on your needs.
The hotels on Livorno coast are along the territory, and you can find them at different distances from the beaches, it depends on where you have decided to book and if for you is a need or not have the hotel more close possible to the beach; for example this might be useful for mothers who have babies or little children, to have few street to do to reach the beach, because all of us known how is a child on the street; but in any case the hotels are not so far from the beaches.

All around the hotel on Livorno coast there are different types of services, that will render your holiday more complete; for example you might find restaurants of a foreign cuisine, different kind of bars, banking and mail services, pizzas restaurant, clothing shops, sandwiches restaurants, ice-cream shops, theaters, cinemas, different kind of local summer events, wellness centers, spas, and whatever you want to enjoy and relax your self in the best way that you want.
Some of the hotel on Livorno coast and hotels in south of Livorno, like all the ones that are present on the territory of Tuscany, are equipped to receive the so called “congress tourism”; the rooms that are dedicated to receive this type of tourism, are supplied with the best and high quality technological instruments, blind together additional services like for example interpreters.
The rooms are equipped for example with an independent income, big ability to receive great an important number of people, video conference, expositive areas, post-congress events, tv with closed circuit, telephone line direct to outside and others that depends on the structures. This type of tourism is developing on all the territory, and are always more the hotels that are equipping them self to be able to accept also these guests and their needs.