Nowadays are always more the hotels that wants to give to their guests an always more complete service when people are on holiday, so always more are the hotel with restaurant. Own ahotel with restaurant is a way in which you can cuddle your hosts, giving them an additional service, offering the dishes of the traditional cuisine of the place in which you are. Thanks to this service, the owner can offer a good package, and the guests may be so happy that decide to come back the next year.
This is the way in which work the “Hotel Marinetta”, one of thehotel with restaurant that offers to their hosts really good dishes that comes also from the tradition of the Tuscany. It is also true that you can put on hand the restaurant also for customers who are not guests of the hotel, for example for wedding launches or dinners, buffet, or have others types of conventions.
A hotel with restaurant it is not so easy to administrate because you have to know the right quantities of products that you need, you have to have a good chef and a good staff on the ground, but these are secondary aspects if you think that the more important thing is the satisfaction of the customers, of whatever type of them.