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Wine & Dine Emotion

Live. Love. Taste.

 “The soul feeds itself with intense emotions, unique experiences and authentic flavors”

Eating and drinking are two daily actions that we always do, every day, but in a simple way, these two things are very close to the world of art.

The art of being at the table. The art of enjoying good food.

The art of wine tasting, the wine culture behind a label in one of the most famous and prized areas in the world, for wine production.

The art and the historical tradition of olive pressing. The art of eating good things, but also healthy ones, produced in a genuine way and respectful of the natural cycle.

The art of being together in the vineyards, at dinner or lunch, in the cellar or in the countryside, always in the typical Italian convivial spirit.

Eating and drinking are special things and Park Hotel Marinetta becomes an ambassador of these arts, and takes you to the wineries and the best food and wine tours in the area.

Tenuta Guado al Tasso, Bolgheri

Tenuta Guado al Tasso is located in the small prestigious Bolgheri DOC appellation, enclosed between the gentle hills of the Bolgheri amphitheater and the sea on the upper coast of Maremma.

The production philosophy of Tenuta Guado al Tasso has always been oriented towards the interpretation of this unique terroir. This austere and at the same time sweet territory, gives life to wines of great character, elegance and complexity.

Tenuta Argentiera, Bolgheri

The precious name of the estate derives from the mining history of this particular area, where once the silver was mined. In this territory, there are still sources of healing properties.

The Argentiera Estate is a small treasure 200 meters above sea level, a project born to enjoy the incredible landscape of the Tyrrhenian coast, tasting wines with a bouquet characterised by an incredible mix of earth and sea.

Tenuta Le Colonne & Tenuta Meraviglia, Bolgheri

Tenuta Le Colonne is nestled between the sea and the hills in a decisive position to give unrivaled wines. The soil together with the climate and the proximity to the sea is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates thanks to the variety of wines produced. The vines grown on an area of 64 hectares of vines are: Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as regards the red grape varieties, while Vermentino is the only white grape variety present on the estate.

Tenuta Caccia al Piano 1868, Bolgheri

The Tenuta Caccia al Piano 1868, originally an ancient feud used for hunting by the noble Della Gherardesca family, is immersed in the characteristic Tuscan hillside landscape, on the famous Strada Bolgherese.

The centenary tradition and sustainable viticulture is the trademark of this company. The clay and limestone soil determines the famous terroir which everyone is looking for in this area. You will walk through vineyards and will enjoy the view from our scenic tower and understand all factors that make the terroir of Caccia al Piano Unique.

Not only the wine but also an highest level oil, produced and selected in limited quantities. A real “green gold”.