Dive Emotion

Dive emotion

Dive Emotion

Live. Love. Dive.

“Lulled by the sea, we return children”.

The Park Hotel Marinetta collaborates with Cala del Riccio Diving Center, that will lead you to the discovery of the best backdrops of the Etruscan Coast with selected dives for the underwater world enthusiasts.

The turquoise-colored water, the bright sandy backdrops, corals and shells, the ancient wrecks, the variegated Tuscan fauna: all this and more is waiting for you at over 120 meters deep.

A pleasure which also children can participate with accessible and safe courses such as Bubblemaker and the Baptism of the Sea.

A new and fascinating Tuscany explored from another point of view. Absolutely not to be missed.

It is also possible to have fantastic experiences in our resort, ask our Guest Relation for information on the Mermeid in our pool.

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