Politica Ambientale Park Hotel Marinetta


Travel information

COVID-19 updates

Once welcoming you in our residence we will make all the efforts we can to provide you with a safe location by applying all the rules established by our nation to defeat COVID-19.

We are constantly following all the decrees and regulations released by both the government, the local sanity authorities and the World Health Organisation. For sure, we are complying with all the guidelines.

To accurately face the situation, we decided to create a Task Force made by: internal and external experts on food and water safety together with hygiene and infection prevention in hotels, we are re-defining our cleaning standards, safety and service by creating an action plan for the management of the whole project.

We will promptly update our solutions to guarantee a constant attention to health and safety of our guests and collaborators.

Health & safety of our guests is our first commitment.


Despite the evidences that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by air but from one person to another, we will take even more care than normal to the conditions of our cleaner and to the measurement of the correct amount of internal air substitution, together with the correct functioning of ventilation and air exchange.

Park and Common Areas

We will increase the frequency for cleaning and sanitization of our common areas, paying even more care to all the elements and places with a highest rate of attendance as: reception desk, elevators and all its keys, door handles, public toilets and even the electronical keys of the room.

You can walk freely in our park, avoiding gathering and by having your face mask on.

We are working to making our SPA as safer as possible. We will create ad hoc procedures for sanitization and by allowing exclusive one-to-one services of treatments and massages, always upon reservation.

Rooms Sanitization

More than ever, our team will always adopt specific cleaning and hygienic measures once you leave the room and before the arrival of the following guests. A special attention will be put on those objects we use the most during our stay.

Food Services

In our restaurants the distance between the tables will always be respected. We have rethought the layout of our breakfast buffet to give our guests the opportunity not to create gatherings; the buffet is served and all supports are suitably equipped with plexiglass screens.

Social Distancing and hygienic rules

Inside our spacious structure, respecting your spaces is our first goal. Our collaborators will observe and respect between them and toward our guests, the required 1-meter-distance and all you will find around the hotel reminders and infographic on how to behave for your own safety.

Every time you enter in a closed space you will find hand-sanitizer dispensers. You can also ask for gloves and face-mask to be delivered directly to your room. Our reception will have protective barriers and we will encourage as much we can online check-in and check-out procedures as well as digital communication systems for requiring information or booking a service.

Back-office Staff

For all the spaces occupied by our collaborators working “behind the scenes”, we will increase the frequency of cleanings. A particular attention will be put on those parts we tend to touch most frequently such as: staff entrances, locker rooms, laundries and offices. All our collaborators will always wear a face mask and, if necessary and possible also gloves, protective face shields, hairnet and shoes coverages.

Pools and Beach

You will have more space than ever to enjoy the sun by laying on the poolside or on the beach. Each umbrella will have increased space and our waiters will take you all your orders directly under your sunshade to avoid as much as possible gatherings.


Together with our partner “Creatore di Sorrisi” we are putting all our effort to design a funny and exciting entertainment by complying with all the measures dictated by the current situation. We will promote shows ad performances with pre-assigned seats that allow us to maintain distances in addition to room entertainment, available directly on your smartphone.