The best of the Etruscan Coast

Costa degli Etruschi

The best of the Etruscan Coast

Come and discover the beauty of Marina di Bibbona and the best itineraries for the Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast is an ancient territory made of culture and natural landscapes that come together in a single magic to tell the story of the great peoples who founded cities and built castles here.

Between land and sea, this perfect silhouette of coves, promontories, thick pine forests, and rows of olive trees – the beating heart of beautiful Tuscany – is ready to move you and give you unforgettable adventures. Among splendid sea beds, coasts where turtles come from afar to lay their eggs, and rows of cypresses that guard small medieval villages, it is impossible not to heed the call of the Etruscan Coast.

The flavours of the Etruscan Coast

The culinary art of the Etruscan Coast has a genuine soul and a strong, deep, and creative character. The local raw materials, juicy and with intense flavours, dance in dishes that blend tradition and innovation.

Among the specialties of the area, you cannot miss:

  • Cacciucco (fish soup)
  • tonno briao (tuna cooked with red wine)
  • palamita (bonito)
  • cinghiale in dolce forte (wild boar stew)
  • capriolo in umido (roe deer venison stew).

Among the sensory journeys to capture the soul of the Etruscan Coast, you can embark on the Wine and Olive Oil Road, over 150 km of high-quality productions, of which Bolgheri, home of Sassicaia, is an internationally renowned symbol.

Between the scent of warm bread in the air of the towns, the silver of the olive trees that colour the countryside, and the red of the grapes that illuminate the vineyards, smells and flavours of the past blend with the present in a journey that captures the soul and remains forever in your heart.

Etruscan Coast: the most beautiful beaches

A brightly coloured sea washes the long, fine sandy beaches of the Etruscan Coast. Promontories, gulfs, and small coves alternate from Castiglioncello to Piombino, offering a varied coastal landscape awarded in several sections with the European Blue Flag, for the quality of the waters and tourist services.

To experience moments of wellness in a wild yet welcoming environment, the beaches of the Etruscan Coast that we most recommend are:

  • Spiagge Bianche (White Beaches), Rosignano Solvay
  • Baia del Quercetano (Quercetano Bay), Castiglioncello
  • Coastline that goes from the beach of Cecina, to Marina di Bibbona, up to Marina di Castagneto
  • San Vincenzo beaches
  • Baratti beach

The Towns of the Etruscan Coast

Fifteen towns, fifteen different souls of the Etruscan Coast, each with its own rhythm and its colours, facets of landscapes that give a sense of peace and freedom. A world to discover on the seat of a bicycle or at the wheel of a vintage car, in search of breath-taking views and the flavours of a wild and crafty land.

Visit them all and discover the town that best resonates with the rhythm of your heart.

  • Bibbona
  • Campiglia marittima
  • Casale Marittimo
  • Castagneto Carducci
  • Castellina Marittima
  • Cecina
  • Guardistallo
  • Montescudaio
  • Piombino
  • Riparbella
  • Rosignano Marittimo
  • Santa Luce
  • San Vincenzo
  • Sassetta
  • Suvereto

The best itineraries of the Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast is the perfect destination for all those who love adventure, rediscovering themselves as explorers, and be dazzled by the majesty of nature. The coast and the hinterland offer many paths and trails to spend a day among the colours of the earth and the sea.

The possibilities are endless. Whether on foot with a backpack or with your bicycle – faithful companion of a thousand adventures – the ones we recommend most are:

  • Giardino Scornabecchi Cascata (Scornabecchi Garden Waterfall)
  • ‘Tombolo Sud di Cecina’ Biogenetic Nature Reserve, the stretch that connects Marina di Cecina to Marina di Bibbona.
  • Montecalvi summit in Campiglia Marittima
  • Sentiero dei Molini (Path of the Mills) on Monte Bufalaio
  • I Colli – La Pieve – Quercialta – Sant’Anna
  • Castagneto Carducci – via Bolgherese – Viale dei Cipressi – chiesetta di San Guido

I segreti di Marina di Bibbona

Located in the centre of the Tuscan Maremma coast, Marina di Bibbona is a small and modern seaside resort characterized by a crystal-clear sea that has earned it the European ‘Blue Flag’ award.

The town is gathered around the famous Fort, built directly on the beach in the second half of the 1700s to protect the inhabitants from pirate attacks. In addition to the villages that surround it, a dreamlike sea, and delicious food, Marina di Bibbona holds many little natural treasures, less known and perfect for true explorers who want to go home after having truly discovered the secrets of the wonderful land they have visited.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Necropoli delle Tane (Tane’s Necropolis)
  • Grotte Gialle (Yellow Caves)
  • Lago Linaglia (Linaglia Lake)
  • La quercia dell’Ornellaia (Ornellaia’s Oak)
  • Passo delle Golazze Aperte (‘Golazze Aperte’ pass)
  • Cascatelle dello Sterza (Sterza Waterfalls)

In conclusion, the Etruscan coast is a paradise to visit at least once in a lifetime. The colours, scents, and sounds of nature are waiting for you.