Many are the beach hotel in Tuscany, and they are situated all over the seaside of the territory. One of the beach hotel in Tuscany is the “Hotel Marinetta”, in the province of Livorno, which one is situated really near the beaches. The beach hotel in Tuscany are of every category in which they are divided; you can find the one stars and the five stars ones, it depends on what you are looking for your holiday and which are your needs, because the beach hotel in Tuscany have inside of them different kind of service that are on hand of the guests, for example the service of restaurant, or sauna, Turkish bath, massages, appropriate zones studied for children like for example play areas and many many others.

Near the beach hotel in Tuscany there is a world of services to complete your holiday and to make you feel really good to have fun and enjoy yourself; these are for example bars, happy hours, rolls restaurants, cinemas, ice-cream shops, different kind of shops that goes from clothing to supermarkets and many others. Certainly in a beach hotel in Tuscany you will find all that you want to spend a great time and to relax your self to forget the stress that you have inside of you because of the enlivened life of our society.