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News Letter July 15th 2011

Great success with visitors to the first exhibition of Paolo Bettini's trophies.

From August 1st to the 7th Hotel Marinetta hosted the first exhibition of Paolo Bettini's trophies, twice World Champion of street cycling, as well as 2004 Olympic Gold and today team manager of the National cycling team. The event was organised by the Paolo Bettini Club of La California (LI), birthplace of our champion; the initiative gives continuity to the Hotel's efforts in the world of cycling. In March 2011 in fact, Hotel Marinetta was chosen by Paolo Bettini as place for the first retreat of the Italian National Cycling Team and, last May, on occasion of a stop of the Giro d'Italia, our facility was the logistic base for two professional teams: LIQUIGAS and QUICKSTEP. With this initiative, Hotel Marinetta is confirmed as a hotel with an eye towards sports in general and cycling in particular, and proposes itself as equipped to welcome sports tourism, a market niche that is becoming more and more important and with greater and greater needs

The Livorno Aquarium celebrates its first birthday and strengthens the bond between nature, history, mythology and art

The “Diacinto Cestoni” Livorno Aquarium celebrates its first birthday and strengthens the bond between nature and history, mythology and art. For summer 2011 there are many novelties that will allow your to live “quality time”. The nature of the Mediterranean, the Archaeological treasures of Mare Nostrum. The artistic masterpieces, the scientific discoveries of cultures that have made History on its shores. If you are looking for a place where living all of this is possible, welcome to the Livorno Aquarium. Prepare to immerse in a world where every learning experience is possible, along an integrated path in perfect edutainment style. And if you prefer to further your knowledge, there is more room for you, thanks to the Summer 2011 Novelty: the new exhibition set up on the first floor: “Kosmos: the sky and the starts from ancient times to Galileo” created by the Galileo Museum – Institute and Museum of History of Science of Florence (curated by Giovanni Di Pasquale). A unique voyage from the beauties of the sea to the sky and to the starts; towards the discovery of astronomical and astrological conceptions of civilisations of the past in a unique, unforgettable voyage.

The Torre del Lago (LU) "Puccini Festival" continues until august 27th

At Torre del Lago, in the city of Viareggio (LU) the Festival Pucciniano will be held until August 27th . The city of Torre del Lago has conserved a strong affection for Maestro Giacomo Puccini, who here painted one of his greatest musical frescoes, which is today the most represented opera title in the world: La Bohème. La Bohème will be the leading title in the 2011 Puccini Festival playbill, with the colourful and suggestive set up co-produced by the Hong Kong Opera House and the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma under the direction of Maurizio Di Mattia. Catwalk costumes designed by Laura Biagiotti for the artists that will take the stage among set designs by Maurizio Varamo. Five evenings dedicated to La Bohème (July 22 and 30th, then August 12th, 20th, and 27th ) with a setting that proposes an Eiffel Tower before its time, which creates a space-time short circuit in a visionary scheme of lights and colours.
Japanese culture will be protagonist in Torre del Lago with the exclusive set up, Italian preview of the Puccini masterpiece: Madame Butterfly foreseen on the calendar on August 6th, 11th and 18th . A philological reading with scenes and costumes from the land of the Rising Sun thanks to he co-production with Tokyo's NPO. A production which highlights in detail the charm of Japanese culture and tradition that so enticed Maestro Puccini. The direction has been entrusted to Japanese baritone Takao Okamura, the set design is by Naoji Kawaguci while the costumes are designed by the most famous kimono stylist Yasuhiro Ciji. Only Japanese artists will interpret the oriental roles, while the western roles will only see western interpreters. The Foyer of the Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini will also host a great exhibition of historical kimonos in August from the collection of stylist Yasuhiro Ciji which will be kept in his Museum in Osaka.
Lastly the Turandot will be held on July 23 and 29 and August 7, 13 and 26. Reprise of the monumental set up created for the Puccini celebrations in the fortunate and appreciated mise-en-scene with the direction of Maurizio Scaparro, scenography by Ezio Frigerio and costumes by Franca Squarciapino.


The 122nd edition of the Giostra del saracino will be held in arezzo on sunday september 4th

The Giostra del Saracino is an antique joust which, as exercise for military training, takes it roots from the Middle Ages and recalls the centuries-old battle. The event takes place every year in Arezzo on the second to last Saturday in June at night (Giostra di San Donato, Patron Saint of the City) and the first Sunday of September in the afternoon (Giostra della Madonna del Conforto).
Developed on the II century BC, Arezzo is today one of the most interesting cities of our Region. In 1200 the great development lived by the city brought its inhabitants to the constructions of a new circle of walls, as well as numerous public edifices and tower-homes; the construction of the first great basilica of the communal city, the Pieve di S.Maria, is completed as a splendid example of Romanesque architecture. As a ghibelline city, Arezzo expanded its domain into a vast territory which included a large part of the surrounding hills; it fought with the nearby cities such as Siena and Perugia, but it was defeated by the Guelph Florence in the epic battle of Campaldino in 1289. First the Medici domination (1434-1569) and then the Lorena domination (1737-1859) were very negative times for the city; in 1560 Grand Duke Cosimo ordered by decree the almost total destruction of the city.
However in the scientific and literary field one cannot but mention the Arezzo origin of scholars such as Andrea Cesalpino (1519 - 1603), botanist and medic, and Francesco Redi (1626 - 1698), medic, naturalist and literary man. The Arezzo sixteenth century is dominated by the multi-faceted figure of Giorgio Vasari (1511 - 1574), architect (Palazzo delle Logge, renovation of the church of Badia), painter, art historian (The lives of the most excelled Italian architects, painters and sculptors), grand  Ducal councillor and as such arbiter of artistic Tuscan life. In the by now prevailing mannerist climate, the French Guglielmo de Marcillat (windows of the cathedral and of SS. Annunziata) and Bartolomeo Ammannati (church of S. Maria in Gradi) work in the city.


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