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Newsletter July 15th 2011

Exceptional event at Hotel Marinetta Paolo Bettini's trophy "museum" from august 1st to 7th
From August 1st to 7th 2011, Hotel Marinetta will exhibit the trophies of street Cycling World Champion and 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Paolo Bettini. These are Paolo Bettini's trophies:

Three World Cups;
One Liegi-Bastogne-Liegi;
One Milan-Sanremo;
One Zurich GP;
Two Lombardy Tours;
One San Sebastian Classic;
Two Italian Championships;
One Tyrrhenian-Adriatic;
Stops of the Giro d’Italia;
Stops of the Vuelta de Espana;
Stops of the Tour de France;
…. and several other acknowledgements.
The trophies will be shown in an actual “Museum” set up in our Hotel in collaboration with Club Bettini of California. The entry is free, and everyone can participate.
"Venice Effect" 2011 with the return of opera in the square in Livorno from july 29th to august 7th.
Venice in Livorno is almost an island, a city within a city, which at the same time is antique and modern, touristy and lively. But all too often, the quarter, heart of the night life, is almost forgotten during the day, even if, paradoxically, it is in the light of the sun that this Venice gives its best and the channels of this quarter built directly in the waters of the Harbour light up with a light that may be only found here. “Venice Effect” is the traditional and most important summer feast that every year tales place in the ancient quarter of the city in the first days of August. Many are the initiatives that liven the channels, the small squares and the bridges of this suggestive Livorno corner which, because of its characteristics, is called “The New Venice”: from the stands of the artisans and modern art collectors, the puppets and street performer, from the exhibitions to the suggestive boat excursions  in the “Fossi Medicei”. One can dive into the feast and be seduced by the thousands of attractions or also, once an old door is crossed, enter the silent hall of one of the many historical palaces that the Venice offers us, not only in these special nights. But the reason that “Venice Effect” is most recognised is the spectacular “Kermesse”, able to offer, in nine nights of the feast, the most ample array of artistic choices, where famous artists work alongside less known youngsters of indubitable talent.
This years “Venice Effect” will be dedicated to France, and the Artistic Director, Mario Menicagli, intends to celebrate the closeness with our “cousins” beyond the Alps by bringing opera and dance in the piazza. Menicagli is betting on one title that will be chosen among one of these three operas: ”Andrea Chenier” by Andrea Giordano, the “Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi or the “Boheme” by Giacomo Puccini, all three taking place in France.
Its origin is uncertain, we are talking about 780 DC, even id with the name of Oliveto (maybe for the physical characteristics of the place). Up until 1440 it was owned by the della Gherardesca, the Soderini until 1665, the Incontri until 1801 and then again the della Gherardesca.
The edifice, fortified, dominates the hill between Bolgheri and Castagneto, (393 m above sea level), from which one can see the suggestive landscape below. One a year, on July 16th, it is open to the public, on occasion of the feast of the Madonna del Carmine. The church of San Bernardo, built in 1805 and restructured between 1914 and 1915, has a single main body, its façade in squared stone ashlars.
The bottom part of the side walls is decorated with faux marble plates, a motif that is repeated in the sanctuary area. A painted arch with faux white and grey ashlars borders the apse area in which the Madonna with Child is represented.
The altar presents a quadrangular ciborium; two shields containing the arms of the della Gherardesca and the Pisa cross hang on the frontal surface.
Noteworthy is the holy water basin which is a result of the assembly of a late renaissance basement in stone with the Soderini coat of arms with a marble basin subdivided into sections
Tuesday august 16th, the Palio dell'Assunta in Siena.
Tuesday August 16th 2011 in Siena in Piazza del Campo, the Contrade of the city will challenge each other for the second time (after the Palio di Provenzano of July 2nd ) in the Palio dell'Assunta, dedicated in fact to Holy Mary. Ten quarters out of 17 will race in the Palio on August 16th, the seven that did not race in the August Palio the previous year, plus three selected in a raffle among the ten that did race. To each quarter is assigned by raffle one horse of the 10 selected among the physically suitable. The assignment takes place on the morning of August 13th: it is the Rattan, the first appointment of a Feast that lasts four days. The Palio race consists in three turns of the Piazza del Campo, a tuff track traced in the loop above the shell. The Mossa is the starting point, formed by two canapés within which nine of the ten quarters are placed in an order according to a raffle. When the last one enters the run-up, the back canapé is lowered and the start signal is given. The winning Contrada is the one whose horse, with or without a jockey, arrives first to the end of the three turns. The reward is the Palio, or  “Drappellone”, created each year by an artist selected by the City. A prized reward that the winning quarter will forever keep in their museum.
It is possible to see the practice runs and the Palio by paying for access to the tribunes (stands) set up around the Square or the windows and balconies facing it, or for free inside the Piazza. The Palio race is preceded by a Parade (Historical Procession) in which over 600 members representing the 17 Quarters and institutions of the ancient Republic of Siena take part. The Corteo, or Parade, starts from Piazza del Duomo in the first hours of the afternoon, and unwinds through the city centre before moving on to Piazza del Campo.
In the July 2nd Palio, L'Oca won the Cencio di Pericoli after a great race by Giovanni Atzeni called “Tittia” and Mississippi, the horse property of local owner Osvaldo Costa


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