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News Letter March 15th 2011

The Italian National Cycling Team on retreat at Hotel Marinetta.

Hotel Marinetta hosted the first outing of the Italian National Cycling team, led by Paolo Bettini in the presence of authorities such as deputy mayor Stefano Marmugi and tourism councillor for the province, Paolo Pacini. The National team, guided by the "Grillo" ("Cricket", nickname for team manager Paolo Bettini) - that is truly the home team around these parts - was hosted in the Hotel by the Ficcanterri family. Federico Ficcanterri, in representing his family, stated the following: «It is gratifying for all of us to host a champion such as Bettini and his young national team. I remember that this hotel has always been, since the early nineties, a reference point for all sports lovers and teams that have made Italian cycling history. We wish that spending their retreat here may bring good luck also to these future champions». «Thanking our townsman is truly necessary - added Deputy Mayor Marmugi - and I would also like to add that cycling tourism is extremely important in this area, and therefore must be supported and stimulated». Paolo Pacini also stressed this point: «The great passion for cycling, and for the champions that visit these areas, is truly the Etruscan Coast territory's own». «As team manager - stated Paolo Bettini - this is a new challenge, and what I try to diffuse is the importance of wearing the blue jersey, which is not only worn to compete in the world cup, but must represent a modus vivendi, a way of life, and there is need for a lot of sharing to accomplish this. There is need to believe in the colour and in the goals. It is a difficult path, but as professionals we have to overcome all obstacles. I hope to be able to transmit a new concept, and that the national team will understand the importance of being united and living throughout the entire year, not only for the purpose of a finished competition, after which we remove our jersey and say goodbye until the following year». Paolo Bettini lastly thanked the Ficcanterri Family for the hospitality and defined Hotel Marinetta «an ideal location for the cycling champions' retreat». The following day also included an appearance by former team manager of the Italian National football team Marcello Lippi, who participated in a business seminar organised by Hotel Marinetta for the presence of the National Cycling Team, and who wanted to personally greet the blue athletes, underlining the importance of "team effort" and thus appreciating initiatives such as the one promoted by Paolo Bettini.

The 2011 edition of the "Gran Fondo Val di Cecina" cycling competition has taken place.
The Granfondo Val di Cecina cycling competition was born with the idea to adjoin sports with the local territory. Starting with this purpose, the participants have the possibility to enjoy the splendid pine wood which grows on the dune by the seashore, as well as the winding path through important inland towns. Accommodations in the inviting hotels provide them with a moment of relaxation in the fascinating climate of the seashore in winter, while the Cecina city centre, as well as the possibility to stroll through the exclusive shops and the splendid Tuscan towns such as Bibbona, Casale Marittimo, Guardistallo or Montescudaio, offer the possibility of a relaxing and also interesting stay.
The eighth edition of the race, which took place this year, included the participation of almost 2.200 attendees. Absolute victory was won respectively by David Montanari in the men's category and Fabiana Luperini in the women's category.

Livorno. In Villa Mimbelli: Alfredo Muller. An unreliable dandy of impressionism.

ALFREDO MULLER will be exhibited at the Granaries of Villa Mimbelli in Livorno, from February 26th to April 25th 2011. Over 130 works by the master will be admired, divided amongst paintings and graphic art. The exhibition is promoted by the Cassa di Risparmi di Livorno Foundation in collaboration with the City of Livorno, and it is only an appetiser for the important exhibition event that will follow, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the "Gruppo Labronico" (a group of important painters from Livorno). This last event is curated by Vincenzo Farinella and Gianni Schiavon, and will be attended by thousands of art lovers from the "labronica" city (Livorno) and other locations.
Florence, Russian paintings at Pitti Palace.
"Dalle icone a Malevich. Capolavori dal Museo Russo di San Pietroburgo" ("From icons to Malevich.
Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg").
2011 is the year of Russian-Italian cultural exchange, with numerous exhibitions of works of art from the two countries in foreign land. A preview of the initiative is currently under way in Florence, with the exhibition "Dalle icone a Malevich. Capolavori dal Museo Russo di San Pietroburgo" ("From icons to Malevich. Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg"), which will take place at the Modern Art Gallery of Pitti Palace from February 8th to April 30th.
The exhibition includes Russian works of art, forty to be exact, all from the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, and offers an analysis of Russian soul and culture over a time period of almost four centuries. The exhibited paintings are witness of the evolution of Russian painting, which is known in Europe mostly for the icons, but that later developed, starting in the Eighteenth Century, mainly inspired by Italian art, due to artists' visits and stays in our Country.

"Dalle icone a Malevich. Capolavori dal Museo Russo di San Pietroburgo" ("From icons to Malevich. Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg"), from February 8th to April 30th at the Modern Art Gallery of Pitti Palace, open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8:15 am to 6:50 pm.

Entry fee € 12 (visits to the Palatina Gallery and the Modern Art Gallery included); reduced € 6 for European youths between the ages of 18 and 25.

"GHIRLANDAIO. A family of Renaissance painters between Florence and Scandicci".
Until May 1st 2011
The exhibition presents a spectacular collection of some of the most beautiful works of art of the Ghirlandaio clan: the progenitor Domenico, the brothers David and Benedetto, the son Ridolfo, the pupils (among which were Lorenzo di Credi and Granacci) and all the apprentices of their workshop, which was active for about a century, from the second half of the Fifteenth century to the first of the Sixteenth century. The main headquarters of the exhibition is in the beautiful halls, recently renovated, of the Castello dell'Acciaiolo in Scandicci, but the exhibition leads the visitor through an itinerant path in the splendid Florentine surroundings.

Parallel to the exhibition, in fact, a fascinating path through churches, abbeys and small museums in north western Florence leads the visitor along the tracks of the Ghirlandaios' artistic activity in the various locations in which they worked. The itinerary includes the thousand year old Abbey of Saint Salvatore and Saint Lorenzo a Settimo in Scandicci: the hand of Domenico can be recognised in the splendid frescoed pendetive of the apse and in a suggestive Adoration of the Three Wise Men. In the City of Campi Bisenzio, the cycle of frescoes with which Domenico enriched the nave of the Church of Saint Andrea in San Donnino.

The tour enables to also rediscover prestigious as well as unexpected artistic realities: the Museum of sacred art in San Donnino and in the City of Lastra a Signa, as well as the church, the Museum of San Martino in Gangalandi.




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