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LA CALIFORNIA also it is knowed in the U.S.A

I wonder if this time California will hold primaries for the U.S.A. elections, as was done at the time of challenge Kerry-Bush almost as a game simulating the real 'presidential'. The citizens of this piece of Tuscan coast have the name of their country to a traveler originally from Corsica that after so many years in America in the mid-nineteenth century named it. But should instead their notoriety in the U.S.A. to an Italian journalist, Nicholas morning, that the columns of'' The Italian-American'', the weekly bilingual for the Italian-American community, told their story, discovered by researcher Marco Andrenacci that on the issue of California'' Italian'' has just written a book: the story of Leonetto Cipriani, in the first half of the nineteenth century, in the middle of the gold rush, he shuttled between the Mediterranean and California, and was appointed Cavour's honorary consul in San Francisco.
He returned to Italy gave its name to California what was then a village of farmers and fishermen. '' The story of 'California Italian' has a lot of passionate readers of the magazine and not only those of Italian origin. Know that there is a piece of land on the sea, not the ocean but the Tyrrhenian Sea, which carries an American name them curiously. now we
ready to follow even the new 'primary', if they will,'' said Nicholas morning which for decades held the thread of the relationship between the two sides. The community 'Italian-American learned from him and his newspaper at the time was' The Crier of Florence', the enormous damage caused by the flooding of Florence in 1966 and decided to support the effort of reaction of the Florentines and mud angels , as evidenced by the awards that preserves Morning and continued until 2006, the fortieth anniversary of the flood.



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