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News Letter September 15th 2011

"Time for Harvesting"

The producers are expecting a great vintage because the intense spring heat, followed by a termic excursion in July with temperatures below the average seasonal level, and the sweltering weeks of August let the grape sugar concentrate prematurely. Consequently some grape varieties matured a little bit earlier than foreseen, signalling the beginning of the Harvest.
We suggest to all our Guests who will spend their holidays with us in September to visit one or more Viticultural and Winegrower sites, for which we can make reservations on-line, in order to have a direct experience of the Harvest.
Furthermore you will have the chance to make beautiful excursions to Siena and Monteriggioni, the Elba Island, Firenze, Volterra and San Gimignano, with travel agency departing directly from the Hotel.
“Weekend of Relax and Fun”

This year the Hotel Marinetta renovates the rendezvous for the weekends of relax and wellness with the Marinetta Wellness Daily SPA.
We begin with Halloween; 3 night in Half board (drinks incl.) starting from 160.00 Euro per person in Standard room, discounts for children and 3rd/4th added beds.
It will be possible to book even just 1 or 2 nights.
The appointments will continue during the month of December with Xmas feasts and New Year’s Eve.
“Grosseto – Festival of the Horses

From the 16th to the 18th of September will take place the Festival of the Horses – Maremma&Maremmano.
Since the beginning a Nation-wide experience thanks to the participation of farmers, exhibitors and visitors, the Festival raised more interest from edition to edition, due to the improvement of the offer of the show.. This will be a rare occasion to learn from the Butteri (Horse trainers), to admire the vitality of the horses while the exhibitions of burros, donkeys and ponys will entertain the children.
Like every year horses and horsemen will meet to spend three days full of events, gastronomy and fun, rediscovering Mother Nature and the pure relationship between man and horse.
All will take place in the Veterinary Military Centre.
Vada; “A Roman ship between the bathers

Wrecks are a passion to every diver. The ancient wrecks are a dream to graverobbers of the sea and treasure hunters. This time the wreck stranded at few meters from the beach; a roman ship, from the I or II century a.C. was discovered by a bronzesmith of Florence, Daniele Ugolini, while he was bathing. With his diving mask he went to check that dark and sinuous shape; the floor is about four meters, with light sand and clear water. In front of his eyes he recognized the skeleton of a twenty meters ship, large seven.


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