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Newsletter 15th January 2011

Tuscany veterans of sport

On January 22 and 23, 2011, Hotel Marinetta will host the friendly meeting between the families of the Tuscan Veterans of Sport with the performance of Mr. "Michele Silvestri", Athlete of the year 2010, "Michele Smith, promoted to the third DAN by the world head of the old Japanese school, "Yamato Yoshin Ryu".
5.2.2011 XVI Grand Prix of the Etruscan Coast

Punctual as every year, in Donoratico, reviews the appointment of the first Saturday in February with the Grand Prix Trophy of Etruscan Coast, 3rd memorial of Sauro Bettini, the official race's opening of the national professional cycling on road, came to the 16th edition. The Etruscan Coast Grand Prix, also known as DonoraticoGP, takes place in the province of Livorno with arrival along the Etruscan Coast, in Italy, every year in February. The race evolves in the Val di Cecina, hilly territory in the hinterland and just plain near the mouth dotted with medieval villages of unparalleled beauty. The race became famous in 1998 when 25,000 people attended the victory of the Tuscan sprinter Mario Cipollini, the first of two competitions that he will win (the second in 2000), but the record of victories is held by Alessandro Petacchi who has achiedeved five consecutive victories from 2005 to 2009
Inauguration of the Etruscan Symposium in the Museum of Tuscany
"Etruscan Symposium"
is the exhibition widespread regionally, involving 20 facilities in Tuscany, 18 museums and two portals of the Park of the Etruscans in Massa Marittima and Sorano, of which 5 are located in the Province of Livorno, the gateway to Etruscan Tuscany. The main theme and guideline of all aspects is the symposium, the part of the feast dedicated to the consumption of wine. In the archaeological museums involved in the initiative, there will be a table laden as those of the archaic Etruscan nobles, the phase of greatest glory of this civilization. The banquet will consist of archaeological remains preserved in the individual museums: jugs, cups and silverware, plastic replicas that complete the picture with the food and the main protagonist: the wine. The wine, in fact, represented an element of prestige, which the Etruscans borrowed from the culture of the Greeks: from Greece, in fact, they did not only import the wine itself, but over time, even the ideology of consumption of wine, as a conviviality of the couple and the family. "For the visitor - says Mrs. Simona Rafanelli, scientific leader of the project - will be like entering the house of an Etruscan prince or noble. Each museum will tell the banquet and the symposium in a different way, as different are the artefacts that it preserves internally and that will be used to lade the table. Moreover, in Grosseto and Vetulonia, there will be a tactile exhibition: the blind people can touch the objects of the table." The "Etruscan symposium" exhibition will host a multimedia totem during which will be broadcasted a DVD of approximately 20 minutes divided into six themes on Etruscan culture and civilization. The DVD was created by the Grosseto director Francesco Falaschi and includes the use of a computer application that lets you browse on the areas of the ancient Etruria, on archaeological sites, cemeteries, Etruscan ports and by hotspot obtaining more information on the viewed area, such as images, texts and videos. Multimedia material and exhibition in the museums will continue until September 30, 2011 at the discretion of each facility.

These are some of the museums that have joined the symposium:

Archaeological Museum of the Territory of Populonia (LI)
Archaeological Civic Museum of Rosignano Marittimo (LI)
Archaeological Civic Museum of Cecina (LI)
Archaeological Museum of Guarnacci Volterra (PI
Pitti Immagine Uomo

Pitti Immagine organizes some of the most important worldwide fashion shows in Florence since mid-January 2011: International quality clothing and textile exhibitions, communication events and cultural and research activities related to the fashion system and fashion as aesthetic expression and global evolution.


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