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EXPO 2015


Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition with some very unique and innovative features. Not only is it an exhibition but also a process, one of active participation among a large number of players around the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. It is sustainable, technological, thematic and focused on its visitors. Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the Expo will host over 130 participants. Running for 184 days, this giant exhibition site, covering one million square meters, is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors.
A journey of tastes
Visitors will experience a unique journey that looks at the complex theme of nutrition. They will have the possibility to take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe. Expo Milano 2015 will be the first Exposition in history to be remembered not only for its products but also for its contribution towards education on food and the planet’s precious resources.
Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life
Having selected Milan as the city to host the Universal Exposition, Italy also chose Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life as its central theme. Expo Milano 2015 will talk about the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet. The idea is to open up a dialogue between international players to exchange views on these major challenges which are relevant to everyone.
Is it possible to guarantee water and food for the entire world population? Is it possible to increase food security? Is it possible to have new solutions that take into account the planet’s biodiversity? The aim is not to provide only one-way solutions but to pose questions and offer visitors the tools for finding their own answers. This dialogue between visitors and participants will take place on a daily basis through events, shows, conferences and meetings that explore the themes of Expo Milano 2015.
Every aspect of Expo Milano 2015 revolves around the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life theme: from its exhibition site to its sub-themes, from its Clusters, to its participants and their architecture. The main purpose of this Universal Exposition is to stimulate major debate on nutrition and food, comparing all aspects of the theme. The final outcome of the discussion is that visitors and participants engage in questions on how our actions today will impact the next generation.


Expo Milano 2015 seeks to involve participants and visitors in actively finding innovative solutions through discussion and an exchange of ideas and opinions. The central theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life involves five main Themed Routes that connect the spaces within the exhibition site. Each of these Thematic Routes offer different interpretations of the Expo Milano 2015 central theme and can be tailored according to visitors' interests.

Storie dell'uomo, storie di cibo
The story of man, stories of food

The story of mankind is a key theme within the exposition comprising art, livelihoods, human settlement and commerce, as well as references to exploitation and the degrading aspects of colonization, all reflected in this account of man’s evolution. It starts with a compeling view of the history of food for each of the world’s populations. It highlights the attributes of individual populations, from their agricultural and farming techniques, to how foods have changed and developed over time.

Abbondanza e privazione  
Feast and famine: a contemporary paradox

Today's paradox is that half of the world is facing food deprivation, with many dying from malnutrition after living in impoverished conditions with no access to drinkable water, while the other half of the world is dealing with physical and physiological diseases due to a poor diet and being overweight. The exhibition asks the question whether it is possible to solve this paradox through science, education, prevention, international cooperation and social and political engineering.

Il futuro del cibo  
The future of food

What kind of food will be eaten in the future? What will be the basis of our children’s diet? The first step in answering these questions is to increase our knowledge and understanding of the new food technologies, scientific discoveries and research that today forms the basis for improving the nutrition of tomorrow. A way to feed the world that pays attention to agricultural techniques and the quality of food.

Cibo sostenibile = Mondo equo  
Sustainable food = an equitable world

How is it possible to make humanity more sensitive to maintaining a better balance between food production and natural resources? The main focus of Expo Milano 2015 is nutrition which will be the discussion platform for both biodiversity and traditional cultures.

Il gusto è conoscenza
Taste is knowledge

Eating is not only necessary but can be highly enjoyable for humans. Combinations of different tastes and flavors within different cultures tell their own particular story.
These themed routes offer cultural events and tastings where, beyond getting to know the individual products, visitors can learn about useful food preservation techniques and different ways of cooking to help keep or change flavors.