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On the Coast of the Etruscans and characterised by changeable and bright colours, the fertile countryside goes from the sea to the hilly slopes. And it is crossed by agile tracks which penetrate among olive-trees, chestnut-trees, holm-oak trees and cork-trees, ideal tracks for trekking, mountain bike, riding and for picking mushrooms and chestnuts.

Villas and farm-houses that appear from the green, they have been converted into agritourist structures to accompany and to comfort your stops.

When the green becomes light blue because parks and protect areas, shelters for animals and deep pine-woods mark, as far as the eye can see, the border of the sea, nature is not only a frame but the essence of a land.

The hill towns are like the voice of medieval Tuscany and they provide, as it were, a frame for the coast. They have a fascination that only Tuscany can offer.

In the Medieval architecture of Suvereto, Campiglia Marittima, Rosignano Marittimo, Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri and Sassetta there are also findings of Renaissance and of previous time. They are important evidences of the heritage of civilisation and history of these places.

Small and characteristic "trattorias" offer some typical dishes of the tradition with a basis of fresh pasta, game, sliced meat, vegetables, mushrooms. In the shops and in the farms you can buy products of this area: honey, bread baked in a wood oven, cheese and fruit. You can find excellent wines and oils in the wine libraries and at the viticulturists.

The historical recallings, the festivals and the Song of May (Canto del Maggio) with the improvisation of songs and popular stornelli renew deep suggestions.

The Etruscans have respected and loved this land: the necropolis of Baratti, the only one built on the seashore, in the shade of the pine-trees and olive-trees, it testifies a completed harmony between those people and the surrounding nature. The museums of Populonia, Rosignano Marittimo and Cecina testify important evidences of this civilisation.

The Marinetta Hotel is situated in the middle of this oasis. It will give you the opportunity to reach the above-mentioned places of great tourist interest, in little time (max 30 kms).


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Hotel Marinetta
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Via dei Cavalleggeri 2,
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