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One of the hotel on Tuscany Etruscan Coast is "Hotel Marinetta". It is situated in the province of Livorno, in the north-west side of the region Tuscany. The great part of the hotel on Etruscan Coast are situated along the 30 kilometers public beaches, that presenting various morphologies, are waiting to be explored. The sea offers great pleasure not only for fishing but also for boat trips and presents the recently opened National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago with its magnificent islands like Capraia, Gorgona and Elba.
The hotel on Tuscany Etruscan coast are divided in many categories and have different kinds of services, that may include also external excursions through the beautiful landscape of the territories that are all around the hotels.

There are different services that the hotel on Etruscan Coast offers to the guests: for example you may book only with the accommodation of bed & breakfast, full or half board, it depends on which are your needs. Certainly you might choose between a very big range of opportunities, because there are a lot of Hotel Tuscany Etruscan coast.
Many are the services that are all around the hotel on Etruscan Coast, that will render your holiday more relaxing and complete, for examples cinemas, theaters, bars, picture galleries, different kinds of shops and many others; inside the structures of the Hotel Tuscany Etruscan coast you might also find wellness centers, saunas, treatments for your body, and also some conventions with other structures like golf court, tennis court, beaches and others; this to give to the guests the more complete service that a tourist structure can offers to the people. Obviously the conventions are not the same for all the structures, they depends on the decisions of the direction.

Book in a Hotel Tuscany Etruscan coast means not only that you have to stay on the sea for all the period of your holiday, because there are many things that you can do; there are many museums that will tell to you the secrets of the past, the centers of the cities will give you all the services that you are looking for you, to do a present, or only to have a walk; the hotel on Etruscan Coast are not so far from them or are inside of them, so you have not too much time to reach it.
The Hotel Tuscany Etruscan coast have also a good organization for the congress tourism, with equipped rooms, large park places, and all the correlate services. For all the reasons that you looking for a Hotel on Etruscan Coast, you will certainly find what you need.


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HOTEL MARINETTA, Via dei Cavalleggeri, 3 - 57020 Marina di Bibbona (LI) - Tuscany - Italy | P.IVA: 01198770495
Tel: +39.0586.600598 | E-mail: booking@hotelmarinetta.it