Restaurant in Bibbona



Authentic Tuscan Cuisine

The chefs of the Park Hotel Marinetta offer you their delicious dishes with the same enthusiasm that you receive from our staff when you first arrive.

The aromas of spiced fish soup and Maremma wild boar will prove to you that we take cooking very, very seriously. Our two restaurants, the Anfora di Baratti and the Ombra della Sera, are ready to delight your taste buds. We offer a magical combination of selected products from our own region and typical Tuscan dishes, while adding our own pinch of creativity, too.


The Anfora di Baratti Restaurant

Informal atmosphere

At the Anfora di Baratti, the buffet restaurant of the Park Hotel Marinetta, there is ample space and a relaxing ambiance. The locale is surrounded with large windows that face the central swimming pool. Here breakfast is served: we offer sweet and salty dishes, accompanied by coffee and cappuccino as you would find it in an Italian bar.

At lunchtime there is an enormous buffet provided with appetizers, vegetables, salads, hot first course dishes, cold second course dishes and dessert. At dinner you will find another sizeable buffet of special appetizers, a selection of pasta dishes, meats, fish. A cheese assortment follows. Fresh fruits. Desserts and ice-creams.

For your children, a buffet with a simple menu is provided. Each day the menu is changed.

If you are vegetarian, vegan or need to follow a special diet, we will prepare personalized dishes with fresh ingredients.

The Ombra della Sera Restaurant

Elegant atmosphere

With a reservation you can plan to have breakfast or to dine at the Ombra della Sera. This is our á la carte restaurant. It faces the hotel’s pine forest. The menu offers you seafood and normal specialties. Our ingredients are vigorously searched for and selected from local producers. Our recipes, such as our spiced fish soup from the Tyrrhenian Sea, is fished for you the very day your enjoy it. We offer a tantalizing Florentine Chianina steak. Maremman wild boar is another delight. These are a modern homage to the Tuscan culinary tradition.

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Restaurant for guests desiring a gluten-free diet

A very special attention is given to our guests who must eat gluten-free foods. If you have to follow such a diet, the Park Hotel Marinetta will prepare the relevant foodstuffs in a non-contaminated ambience. Our chef has participated in food preparation courses that have been offered to instruct food handlers how to create these gluten-free dishes and administer them properly.

Athletes menu

We know just how important diet is for an athlete in training: that’s why for cyclists and triathletes who choose Park Hotel Marinetta for their training we allow them to customise their menu based on their own dietary needs, according to their own timetable.

The Anfora di Baratti buffet restaurant is open for breakfast from 7:30am-10am. Lunch is served from 12:30pm-2pm. Dinner is offered from 7pm-9pm. At the peak season, dinner is served from 7:30pm-9:30pm. The restaurant with table service and the á la carte Ombra della Sera is open for breakfast from 7:30am-10am. Dinner is served from 7pm-9pm. At the peak season, dinner is served from 7:30pm-9:30pm.