Park Hotel in Marina di Bibbona



Nature’s welcoming embrace

At the Park Hotel Marinetta you are surrounded by an infinite expanse of pine trees, rosebays, laurel plants, holm-oaks, palm trees, cypresses and enormous ridges of geraniums, begonias, bougainvillea and roses.

Three hectares of private park that reaches the sea of Marina di Bibbona. This expanse winds around the hotel and embraces it with its verdant splendor, made up of Mediterranean fragrances and incredible views of intact Nature.

You cannot do anything more than smile as you pass through this explosion of Nature. You are absorbed in the silence of the pine forest. The roar of the sea is just steps from you.

Your kids can play here in absolute safety. Maybe they would want to venture out on a bicycle excursion. Avoid the afternoon’s heat in the shade of the pine trees. Walk along the footpath that runs on the Costa degli Etruschi.